【The History of Miura 】 The company has grown with the streets of Kyoto

The History of Miura

The Lake Biwa canal linking Otsu and Kyoto was completed almost 120 years ago in 1890, and in the following year, 1891, the streets of Kyoto were lit up with electric lights powered by the Keage power station, Japan's first hydroelectric power plant. The involvement of the company's founder, Daijiro Miura, in electrical work in the construction of the Lake Biwa canal was the start of Miura. In an age when nobody had anything, alongside his electrical work, Daijiro and his colleagues manufactured and sold household electrical goods and light fittings with their own hands. In keeping with the trend of the times, Miura currently specializes in the manufacture and sale of Japanese-style light fittings and makes its lights by hand.